​What is STREAM Innovations?

STREAM Innovations, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization committed to helping students to develop and explore their passion for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM) by providing exposure, experiences, and engagement with high expectations for their success!!

We promote collaborative innovation to engage students in their desired STREAM discipline(s) and innovate solutions to real world problems in their communities.

Our Vision:

Develop the next generation of STREAM professionals through exploration, innovation, and educational opportunities.

Our Expectations?

The idea of STREAM Innovations is unique in a number of ways in comparison to the standard STEM program.

When we select students, we do not base selection solely on grades, standardized exams, or other measures that designate top-tier students. We purposely want a mixture of students that may or may not have performed in the classroom, but their passion and innate ability to understand concepts related to a specific field gives them an edge that requires for non-traditional investment.

The curriculum that we are developing is cross-disciplinary in nature with a combination of didactic teaching and hands-on learning experiences. Lastly, the most innovative component is an international experience planned for our high school students.  We are working to develop a collaboration for our students after they complete an interdisciplinary community based project with a country outside of the United States. We want to provide students with opportunities to exchange ideas and community based solutions.

STREAM Innovations is set apart because we:

* Push students out of their comfort zone in a space to “fail safely” and learn skills in real world experiences

* Give students the confidence to succeed

* Inspire students to dream beyond their current situation

* Expose students to innovation and creative STREAM opportunities

* Expose students to real world problems in communities to identify innovative and creative solutions

* Identify interdisciplinary team solutions for community problems

We will measure success by developing evaluation measures to determine and monitor our impact within the school systems, along with college attainment and the professional success of our students. We will also measure the success of our interaction with international partners at their schools.