STREAM Coding Boot Camp



STREAM Coding Boot Camp

This program provides an experience for rising 7th and 8th grade students to learn computer coding in the summer regardless of their background in STREAM.

These courses are intended to equip students with coding languages (HTML, CSS, JQuery, and Java Script) that can be used across all STREAM fields.

Selected students will work to learn a coding language for 6 weeks with an opportunity to attend field trips and after successful completion of the program be given a laptop.

Applications are open.

Please submit an application before Monday, May 13th, 2019 by Midnight.


The 2019 STREAM Coding Boot Camp will be located at:

Inglenook K-8 Elementary School

4120 Inglenook St,

Birmingham, AL 35217


  • Parent Orientation for selected students will be Sunday, June 2nd at 4 pm.

  • The STREAM Coding Boot Camp begins: Monday, June 3rd – Friday, July 19th.

  • The STREAM Coding Boot Camp hours: 8:30AM -3:00PM at Inglenook K-8 Elementary School.



The Application Processed is closed for the 2019 STREAM Coding Boot Camp




The STREAM Coding Boot Camp is a competitive program that requires an application and student interview.

This program is at no cost to the student and family. 

We will only accept 15 Innovators (students) for the 2019 STREAM Boot Camp.


STREAM Boot Camp Innovators (Tier 1) will:

· Participate in morning Yoga and Guided Mediation

· Participate in various seminars including Leadership Development, Financial Literacy, and Entrepreneurship

· Create and present a website for a business idea during the closing program

Dismissal Policy:

  • If an Innovator is absent for 2 – 3 days, they will be placed on probation.

  • If an Innovator is absent for 4 days total, they will forfeit their free computer and will be asked to leave the program for early dismissal.