My name is Dr. Adrienne Starks. I grew up in Fairfield, Alabama. I graduated from Alabama A & M University with a BS in Biology. I attended the University of Maryland Baltimore County and received my PhD in Biological Sciences. I completed my postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) studying the differences between African-American and European-American patients with breast and prostate cancer.

While completing my postdoctoral research at NIH, I realized that I was a triple minority – US born, a woman, and African- American. This caused isolation and a disconnect from the thing I loved because of language, cultural, and gender dynamics within the research lab. I knew I wasn’t the only student of color from a city like mine that could have gotten to NIH, but I was one of a few at this prestigious federal research laboratory and that was a problem!!

So, I came back to Alabama because there was an obvious need for more professionals of color to develop their passions, to be taught how the professional world works, and to encourage students to use their genius to innovate solutions to solve problems in our communities.

I wanted to develop an organization whose mission is to equip students from under-valued and under-served communities to explore and develop their passion for Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STREAM). Through STREAM Innovations, we focus on providing opportunities for students to gain exposure and experiences while promoting collaborative engagement with high expectations for their success!! We encourage innovation to engage students in their desired STREAM discipline and create solutions to real world problems in their communities.

We believe that connecting students to Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics is just the tip of the iceberg to encourage critical thinking and multi-discipline innovation. Starting with a focus on education and entrepreneurship, we will begin to address root causes of inequities within our communities.

Our team is committed to student success!! We are giving our time and talent and we are asking for your investment into STREAM Innovations. Your investment is key to allow us to transition our communities to communities of innovation and possibility.


Adrienne Starks, PhD

Founder and CEO

STREAM Innovations, Inc.