What is STREAM?

  • Science: (Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Forensics, Environmental Science, Forestry)
  • Technology: (Information Systems, Cyber Security)
  • Reading: (Journalism)
  • Engineering: (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Architectural, Biomedical Engineering)
  • Arts: (Music, Arts)
  • Mathematics: (Mathematics, Physics, Finance)

Our ability to address the STREAM educational and career pipeline is of importance from a local and national level in order to:

  • Provide innovative solutions to an increasingly challenging and complex society,
  • Ensure that all citizens are engaged in the conversation of STREAM ideas and the implementation of STREAM education to impact the health, wealth, and well-being of communities,
  • Remain competitive on a STEM global stage

Nationally, new job openings and replacements will generate over 5 million STREAM related jobs in 2018. The ability for these jobs to be filled by US citizens will rely on innovative and out-of-the box programs to reach individuals that are not normally considered to be a vital part of the workforce.